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Bohemia, New York

Phone: 631-750-5857

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Our goal at Natural Body Treats ​is to introduce a wholesome and healthier way of bathing and primping. We offer time-tested products resulting in a growing family of satisfied customers.
Special cares are taken using the finest base oils, butters and essential oils to produce a truly memorable experience. Your skin will feel revitalized, moisturized, clean, and gently exfoliated!

Many store bought products contain ingredients that are unpronounceable, unrecognizable and ultimately undesirable. At Natural Body Treats, we want to turn back the clock to a time when things were purer and simpler?a time when you could read and understand the ingredients on a label. We use the highest quality ingredients and proudly hand-make all our products with loving care. Our soaps are made painstakingly using the time honored cold process way.

Welcome to the Natural Body Treats family! Enjoy the experience!

Thank you,
Denise & Marie

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