Matthew J Leavell, Artist

Wilmington, North Carolina

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Matthew J. Leavell is a self taught Wilmington, North Carolina based artist currently focusing on the creation of small and medium scale sculpture in steel, cast iron, wood and glass. He primarily utilizes salvaged and recycled materials, preferring raw materials that bring their own history, character, and soul to a new work of art. Born and raised in a small mid-western town, Matthew briefly attended college at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana, majoring in theology. Matthew spent his summers as a young man traveling in Latin America, volunteering with an NGO in the Darien Jungle region of Panama, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. He soon found himself disillusioned by his experiences with modern organized religion, left college, and embarked on a decade long journey of self discovery. Matthew struggled through his early adult years, seemingly unable to wring enough creativity out of any of the projects or career paths he applied himself to. Striving to find himself, he

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