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On Valentine's Day 2007, a crazy maltipoo puppy was born. this little puppy was first called Bunny, because she hopped instead of walking. In May of that year, I saw Bunny and it was love at first sight!
I re-named her Havok, after the lead singer of AFI. She had other ideas on her name, and is living up to creating havoc everywhere she goes. I took a trip to Petsmart, with dreams of dressing my new puppy in the cutest clothes. Havok would have none of it. My dreams were shattered; but to my delight I found that while Havok was repulsed by clothing, she LOVED a good collar. If you ask her if she wants to put on a new collar, she will trot (thankfully, she doesn't always hop anymore!) over to her collars and sit; waiting for you to pick a collar and put it on. I of course indulge her love of collars, but I had trouble finding designs I like. I learned to make them myself, with a strong nylon core and covered in fabric. Now I'm sharing her collars with you, made with designs you choose!

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  • Many different prints. email or call to see more

  • Will you be my Valentine?

  • Holiday attire! I know I am cute!

  • Strong, durable & safe

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